Photo frames

Original silver frames with various ornaments: teddy bears, angels, animals, etc. Frame elements are decorated in blue or pink. All this is complemented perfectly with albums matching to the frames. We offer a wide selection of frames for children in blue and pink.


Elegant sets for children. Our selection includes: a photo frame with an album, a frame and a medallion, a pacifier clip and a medallion.



Unique medallions that play melodies are great christening gifts for a boy or girl. Adorned with various silver emblems, such as the Guardian Angel that watches over a child’s sound sleep, Virgin Mary or the Holy Family.

Photo albums with a frame

Fabulous albums with child designs and frames or various silver emblems. The frames are covered with blue or pink fabric. Fitting frames can also be found in our selection.


Treasures for Children

We offer a wide range of gifts for kids with elements made of silver: clips for pacifiers, boxes with cutlery, carousels, containers for clove.

Photo albums

Beautiful and fabulous albums with children’s motifs with different emblems silver. For the album, you can select other items matching themes such as money boxes, medallions or caskets.

Glass bells

Beautiful glass bells with silver emblems perfect for various occasions such as birthdays, Baptism or Communion.


Beautiful decades of the Rosary of Bohemia crystals in rainbow colors.

Hear plexi

Heart made ​​of plexiglass with a silver emblem an angel or Mother Divine.

Frames and albums personalized

A unique collection of frames and albums personalized – “My Magic Letters” and “Zodiac with different decorations: bottle, pram, baby, moon, bears, angels, animals, etc. Frames and albums are decorated with elements in blue or pink. Another advantage is the ability to place on the frame or  album child’s name or zodiac sign with the included stickers.


Katarzyna Sitkowska

ul.Iglatowskiego 32
20-815 Lublin
Tel. +48 81 4511322
Fax. +48 81 4511942


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